Out of all the places in the world, why choose Jackson, Mississippi as your hometown? Good question. And we believe we have some pretty great answers:

  1. Low cost of living and a high quality of life. Our fair city has all the amenities of a modern metropolis – exceptional public school system, family-friendly neighborhoods, easy commutes, coffee shops, sidewalk cafes, and other cool stuff – without the modern metropolis price. It’s a fact that you can live well here for several percentage points less than you can in Boston, Chicago, and New York, or even Memphis, Atlanta, Little Rock, and Birmingham.
  2. Downtown Jackson is in the midst of the biggest phase of renovation in its nearly 200-year history. The King Edward Hotel, Farish Street Historic District, the Electric Building, and more are in the process of being revitalized. The convention and entertainment district is thriving, with the 74,000-square-foot Mississippi TelCom Center and upcoming Jackson Convention Center. For details on these and the many other downtown development projects underway, check out downtown-jackson.com.
  3. The city boasts Fondren, Belhaven, Broadmoor, and many other gracious, tree-lined neighborhoods that are ready to welcome you home. Visit the particular neighborhood websites – or, better yet, the actual neighborhoods themselves – to find out which might be best for you. 
  4. Downtown Jackson is continuing to grow. There are more than 30 restaurants and bars downtown, and office occupancy exceeds 90%.
  5. Jackson was recently voted one of America’s Most Livable Cities. Check it out at http://mostlivable.org/cities/jackson/home.html
  6. There’s lots of neat stuff to do and see here, including the Jackson Zoo, Mississippi Museum of Art, Davis Planetarium, Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum, Smith Robertson Museum, LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, and much, much more. Hit visitjackson.com for a complete listing of attractions and events.

Check out what some Jackson residents have to say about the City With Soul. Click on these links to read a couple of recent articles from the Jackson Free Press. One, by assistant editor Maggie Burk talks about what Jackson means to her; another entitled “From the House to the Shack” chronicles the story of how a broken-down car ultimately resulted in its owners establishing permanent residence in the city and opening one of its more popular restaurants, The Pizza Shack. Also, click on www.jackpedia.com to add your own stories.

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There are many more reasons to consider Jackson as a place to put down roots. And here are the links to find them.

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